Welcome to Wordcasts

Wordcasts is a new blog about communication. How we do it, why we do it, how not to do it and how to do it better. It’s about our daily communication in all its forms: social media, public relations, writing for publication, networking and interpersonal discourse.

As a public relations and communications consultant with over twenty years in the game teaching people how to communicate their message most effectively, the thing I find most satisfying is that no matter how far removed we become from the traditional F2F encounters, what remains is a commonality inherent in all of the modern communication methods we employ today. That elixir component is simply the human element. The personal connection.

No matter how mercenary the message, without achieving a shared meaning on some level, one might as well be shouting into the wind. Whether we are seeking to advocate, demonstrate, agitate or accentuate, we are at base seeking to close the gap, the virtual distance, between ourselves and our intended audience.

Thank you for joining me as we explore the might of the word and the art of communication at Wordcasts: Communication Central.

Karina Cox